We work together to create the therapeutic experience you or your family needs. I am trained in various modalities so I can support you getting where you want to go. 

In individual therapy, we get clear about what you want to transform, and we uncover all that we can to help get there. You have the opportunity to introspect and be witnessed so that your progress is noticeable and you continue to reveal yourself to you. Although therapy can be challenging in the beginning, the change accelerates and clients feel better quickly. 


My work with children is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and attachment based work. Children often communicate their needs through their behavior, so as a team (child, parent, and me) we work to understand what the behavior is telling us and how to help the child in getting more of what they need and want in ways that are helpful for them and the family. 

Teenagers experience an extraordinarily high level of tumult. Teens and I work together to slow down, to listen to themselves and their own needs, and to find ways to learn new skills to help them feel better. Often times we work on relationships and self esteem, supporting the teen to learn new ways to support themselves and get more of what they want in their life. I often utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in my work with teens.

Family Work
In therapy, we have a theory called family systems. This is where we understand that the whole family is unique in its make up. Through this we recognize that the family dynamics are sometimes helpful and sometimes not. In family work together, we look at the whole family, interpreting every person's role and how working together can help shift some of the ingrained ways of being to help the family run smoother.

Spiritual Mentorship
Together we create a study where you lean into your unique wisdom and guide yourself into the deeper places that you are ready to be in.